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LOCTITE PC 7218 Nordbak Wearing Compound 10 kg

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LOCTITE PC 7218 is a 2-part, grey, epoxy-based surface coating for metals. Ideal for protecting against coarse particle abrasion or erosion, or for rebuilding worn parts.

LOCTITE® PC 7218 is a 2-part, grey, ceramic-filled, trowelable, epoxy-based surface coating designed to protect parts from coarse particle abrasion or erosion on metals (with or without chemical attack). It is designed for parts such as cyclones/separator bodies, dust collectors/exhausters, pump liners/impellers, fan blades and housings, chutes/hoppers and elbows/transition points.


  • Application method: Trowel
  • Applications: Protective coating
  • Color: Gray
  • Cure type: Room temperature (ambient) cure, Two component mix
  • Drying time: 7.0 hr.
  • Key characteristics: Abrasion resistant, Prolongs equipment life, Renews worn surfaces, Sag: non-sag, Wear resistant
  • Mix ratio, by volume: 2 : 1
  • Particle size: Large
  • Physical form: Paste
  • Recommended for use with: Metal