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LOCTITE PC 9660 MAXI Heavy-Duty Corrosion Preventive Coating - 1 Gallon

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LOCTITE PC 9660 (known as MAXI-COAT) is a dark brown petroleum solvent-based compound which prevents corrosion. It gives heavy-duty, thick film protection in outdoor conditions. It doesn’t melt in direct sunlight and withstands salt spray as well as other severe corrosion environments. Typical applications include use as a non-splattering chain lube and a rust inhibitor for machinery.


  • Heavy-duty coating that provides long-term protection for metal parts, equipment and machinery
  • Forms a protective, waxy film which seals out moisture, air, acid and other corrosive elements
  • Great for protecting parts in storage
  • Removable with Loctite® Electrical Contact Cleaner